WOW! The Image of Ireland being rolling hills with green grass, grazing cows and sheep was wiped from our minds today. We left Athenry, drove around Galway and headed up the Galway Bay coast. |Little towns like Spiddle, Camas, Carna astounded us. But we soon realized why the Irish took to Newfoundland so easily. One word “ROCK”. The rolling hills became granite mountains and the fields became rock pastures. The many long rock walls became massive rock walls heading off in all directions. I cannot imagine how they built them by hand. The one thing the stuck out was the housing. If it was not new it was recently renovated. Where did all the money come from? What industry can support that sort of infrastructure. NONE! It is all European Community money. Our B&B host told us that they could borrow 120% of anything they wanted to do. Renovate the kitchen? Why not also buy a new car and the bank will even finance your insurance. They all went to more and more credit. Now Ireland is in deep problems.

Tonight we stayed at Enniscrone, just north of Ballina.

That’s all folks. Sunday will have to wait. I’m too tired.


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