Off to Newfoundland

Aug 28 2016

Having left our home in the good hands of my sister we set off at 10 am Heading for Baddeck, Cape Breton to visit with PDG Pete and Sandy Smith.

Photo 1 is taken from their deck Overlooking the Bras D’or lakes.

Having had a wonderful visit and cup of coffee we headed toward Sydney where we had reservations at the Arm of Gold Campground.

Photo 2Baddeck1 Baddeck1a Baddeck2 closeup of boat Baddeck2-AGB Baddeck3 Baddeck4a Baddeck4-crossing-the-armland where Alexander Graham Bell had his home ( Below the red X). We were fortunate enough to catch a small schooner on the bay and photo 5 is a closer shot of it.

Then off towards Sydney where we got a shot overlooking the arm and then 2 shots as we crossed the bridge.

Well, everything is above but in the wrong order. Will do better next time….I hope.



2 thoughts on “Off to Newfoundland

  1. Hilda and Ken, here
    following your trip and enjoying the pictures.

    stay safe.

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