December 2018

December 2018




I guess I will start with last January.

Dale and I continued our visits to the chiropractor and he has been giving us wonderful advice as how to keep everything in the correct place. Of course walking when it is super cold or icy is a problem but we get out as much as we can. Dale does 10 times what I do but nobody complains

In Feb we visited White Point Lodge for a few nights in one of their cabins. Koda enjoyed the rabbits that were about but was not allowed to chase them. Dale had the fire on in the fireplace within minutes of arrival and it did not go out till we left.

Here is a short video taken in front of our cabin.


March was a sad month. Koda came down with some medical problems that took a few weeks to evaluate. Finally it was established that he had a very rapid developing cancer and late in the month we made the decision to stop his pain. We still miss him a great deal but are waiting at least a year to see if we will get another dog. Much harder to look after in an apartment than in Silly Acres where dog walking was not a problem.

April was a busy month. To celebrate Vimy Ridge Day, I did some searching regarding my maternal grandfather who was a surgeon with the 9th Canadian Field Ambulance that was stationed just 5km behind the lines at Vimy. I discovered that he was the CO for the unit and all the daily reports were created and initialed by him. Interesting to follow the reports through April 1917 as his unit looked after the wounded.

Visits from friends from Newfoundland, a trip to Dale’s sister’s home in Saint Malachie, Quebec and on to Belleville, Ontario to visit friends who had moved from NS to ON. Finally visited in Dartmouth by more NL friends. Rotary has sure broadened our list of friends.

May was an ‘at home’ month. But never a dull moment with little excursions locally.

June saw us visiting friends in Charlottetown, PEI for a few days then home again and volunteering at the Rotary Halifax Ribfest late in the month. Lots of fun.

July saw us again in Charlottetown for a few more days and then doing the regular at home routine for all of August.

In September we drove to Yarmouth, NS and left the car there and boarded the “Cat” ferry to Portland, Maine. We were picked up by Rotary friends and spent 3 wonderful days catching up and touring Maine and New Hampshire back roads.

October, November and December again were stay at home months with small day trips to different parts of Nova Scotia searching out small restaurants to enjoy lunches at. A hard life but someone has to keep these small businesses healthy.

We have now been in our apartment for close to 2 years and still enjoy it every day. No snow to plow, no grass to cut and a heated garage for our car. Internet speeds at 300+Mbps and FibreOp TV.

No fireplace but also no hauling wood.

Our health is in most parts good. We are both diabetic but so far looked after by pills and trying to stay away from goodies.

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

All in all we are:


The Happy Hankins, Gord & Dale