Finally an update

I have been very slack in keeping this blog current. However her is what is the latest in our lives.

In March 2017, Dale and I decided it was time to really retire and get rid of many of our chores upon which others have become dependant.

Therefore we took the big step and moved to an apartment in Dartmouth NS where we are only minutes from Tina and Kim and fewer minutes from grocery stores and other important services. Moving from country life to city life was a big step but we were ready for it and have found that over the last 8 months we have become even happier with our decision. The days go flying by and we are getting to know our way about the HRM and surrounding territory. Have we had any regrets? No, we are becoming more active. Dale is walking 10km every morning and I am up and walking the dog at 6 am and loving it. Both of us have been visiting the chiropractor regularly and our aches and pains have diminished considerably.

For me, one of the great advantages is the internet speed. Going from less than 2Mbps to more than 300Mbps download and 0.5Mbps to 100Mbps upload has made my Rotary work so much easier. The only setback is that I no longer have time to drink my coffee while waiting for the news to download.

For both of us, the easy access to Dartmouth ( 10 minutes) and Halifax ( 20 minutes) is a real advantage. We can now attend theatre and such and be home in no time.