The Winter to end all Winters

March 2015

Atlantic Canada has experienced a wild and long winter. Actually nothing out of the ordinary until Feb but the cold and snow has been unbelievable. In a space of 2 days in mid-March we received 2 major snowstorms that dumped over 80cm of snow. This on top of an already major amount. Equipment and operators were taxed to the limit and tempers were right on the edge. We faired not to badly other than having to replace an abnormal number of shear pins on the snowblower and also having a series of drive chain failures. Add that to replacing the transmission on the truck and it was a costly winter. The drive has been getting narrower each storm and hours of fighting 4-5 foot drifts and soon the temps will come up and we will have a water problem. Today we enlisted the help of our niece, Di vanLith to shovel snow off the roof because rain is expected tonight and the weight would have been massive.

Welcome to Silly Acres.


Welcome to 98



A closer look at the snow pile on the left. That is the result of blowing the snow off the drive and is heavly compacted and the base is equal to where the truck is parked. At least I will have somewhere to cool my beer in July.



Thanks Di. I could not have done this without your help.









Talk about a hangover !












Remember our deck that was 5 feet up off the ground? It has been shoveled clean 3 times before this last storm.








The winter of 2015, we will not forget it soon enough.