The inside of our home

I have been told that I forgot to post photos of the inside of the home.

So here are some and I do not think they need explaining save fro the guest bedroom ( the one with the ironing board) now has a Murphy bed and sewing table and looks nothing like what is in the photo.

abIMG_5117 abIMG_5118 abIMG_5120 abIMG_5122 abIMG_5125 abIMG_5127 abIMG_5128 abIMG_5129 abIMG_5130

The Gazibo/Garage is erected

With help from Dale, PDG Doug Logan and a hired hand we erected a steel gazibo today which will be our garage during the winter months. By closing in one side with plywood later in the fall it will protect the car from snow. So I will not have to scrape snow from the windshield every time we go out.

IMG_5861a IMG_5860a IMG_5858a