One year later

June 5 –  July 24  2014 Updated July 24

A lot of things have happened. WE absolutly love our new home. We have been settled in for 10 months now and survived the winter. The heat pump was nothing short of fantastic and provided heat when the outside temp was -20ºC.

We are now in the middle of a deck construction project. The materials arrived on Monday afternoon June 2.


June 3

June 3

103 104June 5

Today, June 6 it was raining a bit so I only got 1- 16 foot section of deck framing done. Also my legs were begining to give out after so much exercise so we went to Truro for fish & chips at Murphy’s and the groceries and home for a nap.


MonJune10a MonJune10a (1)Wed-june-11a
I have to take a few days off to cut grass and fix the hydraulics on my tractor.

Some days have passed and some rain has fallen and some old fellow has taken some time to get his knees back to working order. Now the results of what he has done follow.

IMG_5663a IMG_5667a

IMG_5669a IMG_5670a IMG_5671a

As you can see the view will be quite nice once we are completed. Visualize a small wood stove in the front right corner that will radiate warmth even with lots of screened area.

June 24… Some more decking done. Crawling on my knees does not help them.

IMG_5672a IMG_5673a

 June 27 2014 Rain delay and other stuff for 2 days.

The decking is completed. No more kneeling on sore knees for a while. Some work on the scaffold but nothing too strenuous. Luck, ( and not heavy planning ) resulted in the decking being out of line by ½” overall. Wonders will never cease.☺

IMG_5674a IMG_5675a IMG_5676a

June 29 2014

Got an early start due to hot weather and all but two rafters are up ( I need 3 brackets)

Measurements and ordering the polycarbonate is next.

IMG_5677a IMG_5678a

July 4 2014

We have had a brief break due to other ‘chores’ and today with the help of our hired hand we got the strapping done so we are ready for the polycarbonate. Actually the short sheets are in now at the building supply but with hurricane Arthur due tomorrow we left them there and have cleaned up in anticipation of a little rain and wind. ( note upsidedown table. )


Well here we are July 24. I had to stop work for a number of day due to incorrect material sent and then kidney stones. Yesterday the addition was added to accomodate the stairs and clothes line. Today I actually climbed a ladder and installed the clothes line when I saw a basket of wet laundry sitting o the deck. Subtle !  The line was up for a matter of minutes when laundry was hanging.

IMG_5834a IMG_5838a

August 3 & 4

Due to a total computer crash these are a little late. The stairs to the deck were completed save for the gravel at the bottom and the polycarbonate is now installed on the roof of what will be the screened porch. Today I have other chores to do so working on the remaining sections of the screened porch will have to wait.


August 21 2014

The end wall and wall to the rest of the deck are now roughed in. I need to make doors as the screen doors that came are just too big. I don’t have the headroom. The sides are roughed in and the ceramic tile down and grouted for the fireplace. Now comes the chimney and screen ( which is still backordered). I plan to leave it roughed in till spring as I have too many other things to do.

IMG_5847a IMG_5848a

August 23 2014

The inaugural fire is started in the fireplace. Helping Dale is Willow van Lith, our niece’s daughter and our new best friend.IMG_5849a  IMG_5854a


IMG_5856aLooks like we have a new Pope !