May 8 2013 our new mini home arrives

Without doubt the most exciting day that we have had in years. After a long wait and much discussion with all sorts of “officials” we got our building permit yesterday and the mini was delivered today. The crane arrived and began getting ready at 9:30 this morning and the home arrived about 10:30. Lots of activity but everyone knew exactly what they had to do and very little discussion took place as the supports were placed and the cables tied around the home. ThenĀ  up in the air it went and very gently moved over to the site and placed exactly where it should be.

This home is 74 feet long and 16 feet wide and the crane made it look so easy. Thanks to Stones in New Glasgow and Prestige Homes in Sussex New Brunswick for such a wonderful job of creating our home from our design and delivering it safely.

Best of all Momma is happy.