An update on what is happening

In Oct 2012 Dale and I accepted an offer to sell our home. The surprising and wonderful fact is that my sister Anne and her daughter Dianne have purchased it. To make it all easy, we rented the home for another year while we prepared to have a mini home built and set up across the lake from the house we just sold. The best of all worlds. We sell the house, we get to stay on the property and we have family moving close to us.
Well, our mini home has been built now and is awaiting delivery and the roads to dry up.
What is a mini home? It is a home built in a factory under perfect conditions and delivered by truck. It is not what many think of a “trailer” as it meets all the same codes as a “stick built” home. the only difference is size. The max size to travel on a highway is 16′ wide and 74′ long. You can also buy a larger one but it comes in 2 or 3 sections.
Below are some photos of the site preparation and the home construction.
G. Hankin 070
Site preparation & installation of sewer lines to old septic tank that was already there for the campground we used to operate.

G. Hankin 071
Leveling of the site.

G. Hankin 080
Finishing gravel down. Power, water and phone line will come underground from the pumphouse which will be rebuilt. The well is again the same as was already there to service the old campground. It is a drilled well 260 feet deep.

The finished site a view of the lake

The mini home in the finishing stages of construction. We had a tour of the plant and were extremely impressed not only with the construction procedures but the fact that there are many employees who have 25+ years of service. Says a lot for the company Prestige Homes, Sussex, New Brunswick.

Dale’s kitchen. When momma is happy, everyone is happy.

Kitchen and living room. We will have a big transition to make moving from 4000 sq ft of living space to 1200 sq ft. But we are both looking forward to not only the new home but having family nearby.

Stay tuned for photos when the unit arrives and is set up.