Finally an update

I have been very slack in keeping this blog current. However her is what is the latest in our lives.

In March 2017, Dale and I decided it was time to really retire and get rid of many of our chores upon which others have become dependant.

Therefore we took the big step and moved to an apartment in Dartmouth NS where we are only minutes from Tina and Kim and fewer minutes from grocery stores and other important services. Moving from country life to city life was a big step but we were ready for it and have found that over the last 8 months we have become even happier with our decision. The days go flying by and we are getting to know our way about the HRM and surrounding territory. Have we had any regrets? No, we are becoming more active. Dale is walking 10km every morning and I am up and walking the dog at 6 am and loving it. Both of us have been visiting the chiropractor regularly and our aches and pains have diminished considerably.

For me, one of the great advantages is the internet speed. Going from less than 2Mbps to more than 300Mbps download and 0.5Mbps to 100Mbps upload has made my Rotary work so much easier. The only setback is that I no longer have time to drink my coffee while waiting for the news to download.

For both of us, the easy access to Dartmouth ( 10 minutes) and Halifax ( 20 minutes) is a real advantage. We can now attend theatre and such and be home in no time.


Perce & Miramachie

We left our campsite by the St. Lawrence and proceeded around the Gaspe Peninsula in a clockwise direction. Some of the colours were a little faded but the scenery travelling right along the river was fantastic. The rock formations and cliffs were stunning. Coming through Perce we first saw rock from a distance and then did a quick stop to take a photo. We have been there many times and it is still as beautiful as ever.





On Tuesday night we stayed with my niece and her husband who live in a lovely home that is totally off grid and yet has all the conveniences that wind and sun can provide. Wednesday saw us leaving after breakfast and heading in the direction of home. Wed night we stayed at a campground just outside Miramachie. It was open but I think we were the only ones there. The photo of our truck and trailer gives an idea of the campsite.

img_3220d img_3228d img_3235d img_3249d img_3254bd

Mont Joli

Here we are on the shore of the mighty St. Lawrence River. The temperature is droping fast and the wind coming off the river has a distinct chill. I suspect frost will be on the pumpkin tomorrow morning.

We had a good drive from Saint-Malachie to Mont Joli. All the traffic was going in the opposite direction. Wondered at one point if everyone was leaving the Gaspe.

The colours are fading considerably here. But we did see many flocks on Snow Geese on the fields and river. We have seen them many times in the Spring on their way north but never before in Fall on the southern journey.

img_3059b img_3062b img_3070b img_3073b

Saint Malachie Quebec

Another exciting RV experience. Here it was the Friday before the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and just as I arrived at Dale’s sisters home, the spring on the passenger side of the trailer broke. Everybody seemed to want to help….on Tuesday. Finally having good connections in the local area, my brother in law was able to find someone who found a replacement spring and another who came on Saturday morning and replaced the part. It is under warranty so hopefully the dealer will go for the extra costs to get it done on a holiday weekend.

Here are some photos taken before or fun began.img_2971a img_2973a img_2956a


October 2016 Quebec trip

img_2764 img_2765 img_2837 img_2869 img_2875     Here we are in October already. Oct 6 to be exact and we are on our way to St. Malachie, Quebec. It is also time for the fall colours to be making their debut and as usual they are on time. Actually they are the best we have seen in years. Below are some examples taken as we drove from Pictou County to Edmonston, New Brunswick.

Sept 13 Western Newfoundland & home

We left Deer Lake and drove to Corner Brook in the morning and then on to Stephenville where we had coffee with Eclub member David Anstey and then headed west to take a tour through Port au Port, out to Cape Saint George, back through Lourdes to Stephenville and on to Port aux Basque. The wind was very strong and blustery and at times shook the truck and trailer. Fortunately it died down late in the afternoon and our crossing on the ferry to Nova Scotia on Wednesday was very calm.

The scenery was wonderful but not quite as spectacular as the trip tp Trout Point.

Finally I will leave you with two photos of my favourite friend happy to be going home but sad to leave her new friend.

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011012 013

Sept 12 Gros Morne

Sept 12

We left Deer Lake leaving the trailer in the campground and headed for our first stop in Woody Point. Then overland to Trout River and back and up to Rocky Harbour and Cow Head.

The scenery was absolutely unbelievable and breath taking. We took over 150 photos and 15 gig of video. That leaves me with 35 gig of GoPro video to work on when we get home.

The weather was perfect with sun and cloud leaving mottled mountains and hazy horizons.

These photos are not in order but complaints must be accompanied by a certified cheque of $100.


chairs img_2303 img_2309 img_2328 img_2342 img_2395 ngexplorer rocky-harbour1 rocky-harbour2 table-top tr1 wp1 wp2

Sept 11 We remember

We left Grand Falls this morning and headed west. At the same time a 1 meter piece of steel from the south tower of the World Trade Center was heading east to Gander. We had hoped to see the convoy but turned off to Kings Point before we met it.

Kings Point is a beautiful little spot and we had lunch there and headed back to Deer Lake to see the Insectarium.  Yes, in the middle of nowhere in Der Lake, NL there is a world class Insectarium.

A beautiful butterfly exhibit where you go right into the room with them and they fly all about and even land on you. A great place.

kings-point-1 kings-point-2 kings-point-3bfly1 bfly2 bfly3 bfly4 bfly5

Sept 10 Grand Falls NL

Just a relaxing day with great friends ending with a wonderful BBQ with a family gathering.

A Newfoundland Labrador Family affair.

Photographed on Saturday evening Sept 10 enjoying wonderful fellowship are ( L to R )

Past President of the Rotary Club of Grand Falls – Windsor and Past Assistant Governor Mike Goodyear

Past District Governor Terry Goodyear (82-83)

President of the Rotary Club of Happy Valley – Goose Bay, Geoff Goodyear


Sept 8 & 9 Central NL

On Thursday we awoke to a rainy day and decided that it would be a great day to just do some chotres and sit by the fire, read and enjoy each other’s company. After a trip to the Gander library to check Judy’s computer we had lunch and returned ‘home’ and spent the rest of the day just relaxing. Friday morning we had a leisurely breakfast, talked a while and before we knew it , it was lunch time so we eat and ran to get on the road to Grand Falls.

The only photo I can show is our final one of Gander.